Stop by and support your local farm this Spring & Summer!

For all your seasonal flowers,
farm-fresh trees and produce.

Stop by and visit us at the corner of Highway 31/Green Bay Road and 60th Street for a variety of delicious, homegrown, fruits and vegetables fresh from the Jerry Smith Farm fields. Along with seasonal flowers, farm-fresh trees in the winter and more. You may even be able to spot the fields it came from!



In the spring, our shelves are brimming with flowers of all kinds, veggie plants to start your garden, and plants in different shades and sizes. During fall at Green Acres, we love putting together colorful mums, wreaths, straw bales, and of course, pumpkins in every size and color! Questions about what is best to buy? Ask our knowledgeable staff to help you select just the right plants.

Seasonal Produce


Our Green Acres openair corner stand is proud to offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh from the Jerry Smith Farm fields. As well as local honey and pickles. During the summer, you’ll likely find honey from our own bees, berries, and a variety of other fruits as well as sweet corn, tomatoes, lettuce, and other greens. As the weather gets cooler and the fall colors begin to explode, the fruits and vegetables at Green Acres change. Visitors will find plenty of apples, pumpkins, our own honey, and jams.

Holiday Season


Mid November through December, our Green Acres, open-air corner stand offers a great selection of Christmas trees, festive holiday planters and even custom, handmade Christmas wreaths. Stop by and support your local farm this holiday season.